Is it better to take a drop or pursue MBBS in Georgia?

Is it better to take a drop or pursue MBBS in Georgia?

We would recommend that the students should not drop an year and should pursue MBBS. This is due to number of reasons: With recent amendments made in the admission process it would not be advisable to take chance and wait for NEET results. Also the medical courses in India are not as cheap as the foreign universities like in Georgia.

Georgia is worldwide recognized for one of the best universities offering medical education. Not every country that offers MBBS is preferred by students all over the world. Georgia, on the contrary, is the most preferred destination of many students across the globe. Thousands of students flock to Georgia every year to study MBBS course. Many reasons act as the basis for this desire exhibited by students all over the world.

Check out why Georgia is the preferred choice for most of the students:

Location of Georgia

Georgia, which is spread across a whooping 69700 kilometers, is perfectly situated in an area that combines two major continents of the world Europe and Asia. Abundantly rich in vegetation and culture, Georgia offers the perfect environment for all those who aspire to study in a peaceful environment. Georgia is rich not only in tradition and heritage but also in the education sector.

Benefits to pursue MBBS in Georgia

  • Simplified admission process.
  • Admission offered to foreign students in MBBS Universities in Georgia is high.
  • Fee structure is highly affordable.
  • The standard of MBBS education offered in Universities in Georgia is more than at par with other Universities.
  • The rich culture that prevails in the Universities of Georgia fosters the perfect climate for continuing education adding immense value to the knowledge base of the students.

Be a proud Doctor and avail the advantages offered by the Government of Georgia.

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