Is Kyrgyzstan a good choice for MBBS?

Is Kyrgyzstan a good choice for MBBS?

Yes, Kyrgyzstan is a good option for pursuing MBBS.

In the recent decade, Kyrgyzstan has emerged as an alluring study destination for medical students worldwide, especially those in India, where the cost of medical education is very high. Not only the fee is affordable, but the quality of education is good. In addition to this, degree offered by the universities are recognized by the Indian Government and living costs are way too low as compared to India.

Reason to attract Indian MBBS Students

– Lowest MBBS course fee structure as compared to other CIS country, its around Rs 3 lacks / per annum
– Nominal Hostel costs as compare to another country. Its approx Rs. 40,000 per year.
– Living cost is also nominal, its approx around Rs 6,500 per month including food and laundry services.
– In all universities provide Indian food, is also on of the main reason for the students to choose MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

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