MBBS in Russia

Studies in different streams of subjects get their value when they are studied in the appropriate institution. Particularly when the teaching Institution is situated in a location that offers congenial environment that fosters studies, the specific branch of study gets value added. MBBS is a prestigious course that has remained the aspiration of many students across the globe for innumerable years now. When this most aspired for course is offered by a country that supports this branch of education in every possible way, students feel blessed. Such a country offering MBBS studies to young aspiring minds is Russia. We will have a detailed look at how Russia fosters MBBS studies amongst the other countries in the globe.

Flag of Russia

Speciality of studying MBBS in Russia

Studying MBBS in Russia is considered as a valuable asset by students across the globe. Some of the key features of studying MBBS in Russia are enlisted below for a clearer understanding about the same.

  • Russia is considered as one of the best destinations to study MBBS among the many other destinations in the world
  • Students from all over the world travel to Russia every year to study MBBS. Some such countries in the world map are Canada, United States of America, India, United Kingdom, Australia and many of the countries in Middle East.
  • Russia has been consistently among the top 20 ranks among the other countries offering MBBS
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared Russia as one of the best place to pursue higher studies in Medical Science and in particular MBBS
  • Russian Medical Universities have been ranked among the top places in the list released by World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Ministry of Education in Russia offers MBBS studies to aspiring students in highly subsidized rates. This is one of the major reasons for students across the globe choosing Russian Universities for pursuing higher studies in medicine.

Key information about Medical Universities in Russia

  • Medical Universities in Russia aim in providing top class education in terms of MBBS to students who come from many locations in the world
  • Universities that offer MBBS course in Russia ensure that they maintain a healthy student-teaching faculty ratio which is usually 7 students to one professor
  • Totally 57 universities offer MBBS in Russia out of which 12 Universities impart MBBS lessons in English Medium. This is mainly to encourage foreign students to study MBBS in Russia
  • Foreign students who aspire to pursue MBBS in Russia need to study the English Medium course for 6 years
  • All students who pursue their MBBS study in Russian medium need to study the same for 7 years. This includes the preparatory course training on Russian language to foreign students during the first year of study
  • The curriculum of the MBBS course offered in the various Universities in Russia is approved by Medical council of many countries like Canada, United States of America, India, United Kingdom, Australia and many of the countries in Middle East.