Asian Medical Institute – Kant, Kyrgyzstan

Asian Medical Institute which is also referred to as S. Tentishev Asian Medical Institute is considered as the leading Institute offering higher studies in Medical Science in Kyrgyzstan. The Institute has been established with the approval of two ministries in Russia namely Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education. Asian Medical Institute offers the best environment in terms of culture and tradition to all students attached to it.

Asian Medical Institute
Facilities offered to students by Asian Medical Institute

Asian Medical Institute offers many facilities to students to make their students life interesting. Some facilities offered by Asian Medical Institute to its students are enlisted below for better understanding and clarity.

  • Separate space for individual sports and team games
  • Gymnasium for exercise loving students
  • Swimming Pool for spending leisure time
  • Library with course related magazines and journals and general books

Apart from providing the above facilities which are more towards providing a friendly and leisurely environment to students, Asian Medical Institute also offers top class the academic facilities to its students.

Training methodology in Asian Medical Institute

Asian Medical Institute uses modern methods and processes to suit the current day requirements of the Medical industry. Some key factors involved in the training methodology adapted by Asian Medical Institute are listed below for the clarity of all concerned.

  • Methodic approach of the Management towards providing quality medical education to all students
  • Organized structure that encompasses the global requirements in the curriculum
  • Emphasized approach which insists on training and retraining with the help of special material for family medicine
  • Individualized approach in training students on specific fields of medicine like Nursing, Medicine, Preparatory courses and Dentistry

Why Asian Medical Institute is special?

Some of the many specialties of Asian Medical Institute are provided below for students who aspire to join the same for their higher studies.

  • Asian Medical Institute trains medical professionals who are highly qualified.
  • It aims in creating specialists in the various aspects of medicine who is best not only at Kyrgyzstan but at global levels.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) has recognised and approved Asian Medical Institute for implementing modern medical processes for offering Pre-Diploma and certification courses.
  • World Health Organization is all appreciation for Asian Medical Institute towards its efforts for tie ups with Universities in United Kingdom and United States of America
  • Asian Medical Institute is the one main Institute which is recognized as the best among the similar others in Kyrgyzstan
  • Many educationists and intellects from Universities in Europe, United Kingdom and United States of America visit Asian Medical Institute for giving value adding lectures to students
  • Asian Medical Institute uses English language as the medium of instruction to foreign students who join them for pursuing higher studies in Medical Science
  • To meet the above principle, all faculty members hired for teaching the foreign students are recruited from English speaking nations.

Join Asian Medical Institute and proclaim yourself to be a product of the best medical institutes in the world.