Jalalabad Medical University (JaSU) – Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan

Jalalabad Medical University which is referred to as JaSU locally is situated in Kyrgyzstan. The University started functioning in the year 1993 and is considered as one of the best Medical Universities in Russia. Jalalabad Medical University is a public education Institution which provides higher education to aspiring students in various streams of subjects. The University imparts knowledge in many subjects like Agriculture, Electronics, Education, Energy and Construction. Let us have a detailed look at Jalalabad Medical University from a holistic angle so all concerned can benefit from the information.

Faculties established by Jalalabad Medical University

Jalalabad Medical University has established many faculties across various types of subjects like Medicine, Nursing, computer science, Physics, Mathematics, Social sciences and humanities, Russian Language and Literature, Kyrgyz language and literature, English, Biology, Pedagogy and psychology, Physical education, Ecology, Forestry and Park services, Mechanics, Food technology, Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Industrial Water Engineering, Construction and civil Engineering and instrumentation, Electricity and Power Engineering.

Strengths of Jalalabad Medical University

Jalalabad Medical University offers a multi level system education to aspiring students who wants to study Medical Science. The courses offered by Jalalabad Medical University range from Diploma and Certificate courses to Associate degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees and Doctorate Degrees. While the Diploma and Certificate Programs extend over 2 years of study period, Associate Degrees and Master Degrees also spread over the same period of study. Bachelor Degrees and Doctoral Programs extend over 3 to 4 years duration.

Studying Medicine in Jalalabad Medical University

Studying Medical Science in Jalalabad Medical University has many advantages attached to it. Some such advantages are enlisted below for the benefit of the students who aspire for the same.

  • Jalalabad is situation in such a prime location that the exposure it offers to cultural and traditional value is huge. Students benefit out of the same in a huge manner
  • Jalalabad Medical University offers residential study opportunities to students who come to the City for pursuing their higher education from outside locations
  • Jalalabad Medical University offers enviable career opportunities to students many of whom are placed in prestigious invitation across the globe
  • The high quality teaching provided to students in Jalalabad Medical University is unparalleled not only in Jalalabad and other locations in the globe
  • Jalalabad Medical University offers undaunted research opportunities to students who aspire to become Research Scholars to complete their Doctorate level studies
  • The individualistic approach exhibited by Jalalabad Medical University towards every student grooms each student into a better professional constantly
  • The innovative teaching methods deployed in imparting updated knowledge to students in Jalalabad Medical University makes them learn newer techniques throughout their study period
  • The state of the art laboratories and practice sessions provided to students in Jalalabad Medical University makes them fully equipped with modern technologies

Studying in Jalalabad Medical University opens huge flood gates for the students to expand their horizons in life to a great extent. Study Medicine in Jalalabad Medical University and become the best medical professional in the World.