Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia

Tbilisi State Medical University GeorgiaTbilisi State Medical University (TSMU), which is located in Georgia is the leading and renowned medical school in the whole region. This medical institute was established in the early 20th century. The institute is considered as the most demanded higher medical schools in Georgia where more than 7000 undergraduate and post graduates receive education, including 2000 students from 53 countries worldwide. The benefits of studying in this institute is its perfect location, budget, future prospects of students and many more.

Key features of ​Tbilisi State Medical University

There are number of features which Tbilisi State Medical University possess. Here are the glimpses of the few of many:

  • The Universities offers affordable tuition fees as well as accommodation across the globe for the students who are keen in pursuing medicine as the higher education.
  • Medicine Degree is widely acknowledged across all European Countries.
  • No Donation is required.
  • WHO & MCI approved Medical Universities.
  • The institute has many direct agents and authorized representatives who provide detailed information and end to end guidance to students in various countries
  • More than hundreds of students from India join the institute every year.
  • There are no English Language Proficiency Requirements
  • The Medium of Instruction of courses for Foreign Students is in English
  • The University is listed by the United Nation’s Health and Welfare Organ, the World Health Organisation.
  • Availability of Indian cuisine in the University
  • Visa guaranteed to Indian nationals.
  • The university has expert faculty members to guide its students and teach them in detail, the intricacies of medical education.

Students who get to study in this esteemed university of Georgia have their most unforgettable experience in terms of college life and studies. The university has various facilities to train and utilise the potential of every student.