MCI Recognised Medical Colleges

Medical Sciences is one of the most preferred fields of education in Indian families. But the basic problem of MBBS study in India is the low number of seats available in government medical colleges and the cots of involve of medical study in Indian private colleges/Universities. Study MBBS in foreign countries for Indian students at low cost is not a myth. A students can study medicine abroad, it will between 15 to 40 lacs, where as the same student pursues MBBS from a private medical college in India, he and she will spend 75 lacs or more

Because of this tremendous cost, they are left with just two choices and, i.e., either take admission in government medicinal colleges of India or go to another nation.

As when we have determined to study in medicine in abroad, we have to consider number of factors like, either these colleges/universities are recognised by MCI (Medical Council Of India) and WHO. If the university or colleges are not approved then the students who have passed such university or colleges are not eligible for practising medicine in India and other countries.

Few notable points for medical students who want MBBS study abroad

1. Students who want to study MBBS abroad will have to obtain an eligibility certificate from the Medical Council of India (MCI) before leaving the country.
2. The certificate is also mandatory for students who are presently pursuing their MBBS or an equivalent course abroad.
3. The MCI executive committee has decided that those not obtaining an eligibility certificate will not be allowed to appear in the screening test, which is compulsory to get registered with the council and for practising medicine in India.

For more details please visit: MCI Eligibility Certificate Regulations, 2002

Here we have mention country-wise MCI recognised medical universities/ colleges

MCI Recognised Medical Colleges in Ukraine
MCI Recognised Medical Colleges in Russia
MCI Recognised Medical Colleges in Kyrgyzstan
MCI Recognised Medical Colleges in Georgia