University Selection

Studying MBBS abroad for Indian students in a MCI approved university at an economical cost is a boon. The fees structure vary for different countries, for instance options such as MBBS in Europe / USA is available from Rs. 9 to 60 Lacs. MBBS abroad happens to be a great option since the fees structure of MCI approved universities is with low cost. There are around 10,000 Indian students who enroll every year in the foreign universities. Now Indian Students are dreaming the experience to study MBBS abroad since the quality of education is exceptionally high and rewarding.
Due to the structural changes implemented by the Government of India in the admission process through the NEET Exam. It has become very difficult for the Indian students aspiring to become doctor to get a medical seat in India. As a result, there is only option remains MBBS abroad.

Hence, this is the right time for the student to carve a Plan B for themselves. The biggest benefit of studying the MBBS abroad is you can study in MBBS abroad college / university without any entrance as well as low costs to study!
P2P Interactive would help you discover the best University of your choice. Our experts would take you through a detailed process to help you select the university offering medical education at an economical cost as per your requirements.

In general, Indian students aspiring to become medical practitioner must understand the 3 options lying in front of you right from the beginning.

Please call us and book an appointment with one of our experts and let us know your requirements.