WHO Recognised Medical Colleges in Belarus

Belarus in Russia is considered as one of the best destinations to study Medical courses in the world. The geographical location of Belarus, its climate, the encouraging environment in which it is located and many more factors fosters medical education of various types in Belarus. Belarus has many Medical Colleges that imparts different levels of medical science related courses to aspiring students from nook and corner of the world. Thousands of students flock in to Belarus seeking admission in their Medical Colleges owing to the lean policy set by the Belarus Government towards education in Medical colleges. Let us have a look at the prominent features displayed by WHO recognized Medical Colleges in Belarus.

WHO recognized Medical Colleges in Belarus

Many Medical Colleges and Universities are recognized by many world famous bodies including Medical Council of more than 170 plus countries and World Health Organization (WHO). Some of the world famous Universities in Belarus which are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) are listed below for the benefit of Indian and other students who aspire to study in the Medical colleges in Belarus.

Gomel State Medical University

Gomel State Medical University is the number one University in Belarus which has many Medical Colleges under its affiliation. Medical Colleges that are affiliated to Grodno State Medical University conducts all courses in English language for the benefit of foreign students who pursue their higher education in Medical Science in Belarus.

Vitebsk State Medical University

Vitebsk State Medical University is one of the colleges that are considered as a pioneer among the other Medical Colleges in Belarus. Vitebsk State Medical University constantly upgrades its curriculum to stay at par with the world standard of education. It provides Indian food and Indian style accommodation to all students who fly from India to pursue their higher education in the field of Medical Science. The peaceful environment it provides to students and the nominal fee structure encourages students from all corners of the world to study Medical Science in Medical Colleges affiliated to Vitebsk State Medical University

Grodno State Medical University

Grodno State Medical University is known for the highly knowledgeable faculty members associated with it. It has many colleges affiliated with it running the curriculum set by its knowledgeable faculty team of professors. The technological manner in which Medical Colleges under Grodno State Medical University imparts knowledge to its students stands as an example to the other Medical Colleges in the region. Grodno State Medical University provides state of the art technological exposure to its students in the Medical Science which grooms them in a world class medical fraternity even during their study period.

Visa Process and documentation formalities pertaining to travel, accommodation and admission in Medical Colleges in Belarus have been simplified to help aspiring students. The brand value that each of these Medical colleges offer to the students who get associated with them for pursuing higher studies in the field of Medical Science adds immense value to them both as a personality as well as a Medical Professional.