WHO Recognised Medical Colleges in Russia

Medical Science is a subject that is offered in many Medical Colleges across the globe. While there are thousands of colleges offering different kinds of Medical Courses, Medical colleges in Russia are preferred by many. Main reason why students across the globe throng on the Medical Colleges in Russia is the recognition that getting educated from such colleges offer post study period. The advantage of being the product of Russian colleges opens a plethora of opportunities around the world for concerned students. Particularly when these colleges are recognized by famous bodies like the WHO – World Health Organization, the education they offer is just incomparable. Let us have a look at the WHO recognized Medical Colleges in Russia in detail so we understand every bit of them completely.

WHO recognized Medical Colleges in Russia

Bashkir State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University is one of the biggest Universities among the other in Russia. The Medico Scientific Centres that belong to Bashkir State Medical University provides students state of the art technology that is at par with world class levels. Studying in Bashkir State Medical University offers a huge brand advantage to students creating them waves of opportunities for a superior quality career

Belgorod State University

Belgorod State University is basically a research University. It is in fact the only Research University among the 15 others in Russia. The specialized environment and conditions offered to students by Belgorod State University is one of its classes not only among the Russian Universities but also among the others in the world. The two level training system implemented in Belgorod State University is a unique step taken by the same. The applied research opportunities provided by Belgorod State University makes it a preferred choice of students among the other Universities in Russia

Volgograd State Medical University

The main strength of Volgograd State Medical University lies in its teaching professionals and their expertise in subject matter. It has around 750 plus qualified professionals associated with it who impart education in a specialized manner to students. 10 plus academicians, 401 plus Associate Professors and 96 plus professors are responsible for the high levels of education imparted to students associated with the Universities in the many branches of Medical Science

Voronezh State Medical University

Voronezh State Medical University is one of the Medical Colleges that has 5000 plus students studying many types of Medical Courses. It is both a research and training Institution offering Medical Education to students. Having incorporated as an established Academic Institution since the year 1994, Voronezh State Medical University stands as pioneer in Medical education in Russia for more than a century now.

WHO recognized Medical Colleges in Russia mentioned above charge nominal fees to aspiring students who wants to pursue their higher education in Medical Sciences. All the above WHO recognized Medical Colleges in Russia offer accommodation as well as Indian food facilities to Indian students who travel from India to pursue their higher education on the medical field. These colleges add immense value to students in their own way.